How to for shifters

This wiki constains instructions for the shifter to collect and monitor Fiber Harp data. The typical flow of a Fiber Harp data collection is as follow:

1) Start an elog entry for book-keeping every action and useful information, keep adding comments to it to centralize everything

2) Preping the hardware for data taking

3) Bring up the Fiber Harp DQM to monitor the data all along

4) Collect a Calibration run (w/ meaningful MIDAS run comment) to extract Calibration constants

5) Update the DQM calibration constants

6) Collect various Measurement runs (w/ meaningful MIDAS run comment)

7) Collect a second Calibration run (w/ meaningful MIDAS run comment)

8) Retract the harp (see 'preping the hardware') at the end of the data collection

9) Post the elog entry CC'ing and

Please refer to the following for all the details:

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