Truth level analysis using art Analyzer

This section is intended to prepare the user on how to write an art Analyzer to perform analysis on simulated datasets.

Getting the source code from redmine

cd myNewDev // go to the new development area you have created just now
cd srcs
mrb g gm2analyses // git get the gm2analyses package
git branch -a
git checkout develop

Then you have to build the source code by

. mrb s
mrb b --generator ninja

and make sure that the compilation worked.

Creating an Analyzer template using cetskelgen

A nice tool that can be used to create an art Analyzer template is cetskelgen.

Cetskelgen is a tool to produce an art plugin source skeleton for an art Analyzer, a Filter or a Producer.
To create an art Analyzer named MyAnalyzer, simply

cetskelgen analyzer MyAnalyzer

and the source code will appear.

How to run the talk4TruthAnalyzer

Run both mdc0 and analyzer together

gm2 -c ./mdc0WithTalk4TruthAnalyzer.fcl -n 100 -T x.root

Run analyzer only on an output file that already exists:

gm2 -c talk4TruthAnalyzer.fcl -s gm2ringsim_muon_gas_gun.root

Pre-generated dataset

There is also a huge dataset stored under


if you want to analyze a larger number of events. Example file that was being tested is gm2ringsim_muon_gas_gun_12868268.0.root.