Tracker EDM analysis

First common infrastructure for a tracker-based EDM plotting has beed added to the gm2anlyses/EDM: TrackerEDMPlots module. It's corresponding FHICL file (RunTrackerEDMPlots.fcl) lives in gm2anlyses/EDM/fcl, and contains instructions on applying some basic cuts on to the produced data.

TrackerEDMPlots Available cuts and options:
applyTrackQuality # default: true | James's
pValueCut # default: 0 (applied on top of the TQ)
timeWindow # default : [0, 0]
momWindow # default : [0, 0]
stations # default: "none=all", otherwise use 0, 12, 18
makeTruthPlots # default false, requires truth records from MDC1/MDC2
1) for DQC-enabled (Run-1) use ""offline:strawPathwithDQC"
2) for non-DQC-enabled data use SelectEvents:["path"] and add filter

This section will be updated with more details soon.

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