Minutes 20180703

1. Update on data production (Anna)
  • 60h dataset produced using release 9.04
  • SAM dataset: gm2pro_daq_fullwithDQC_run1_60h_5031F
  • select path for analyzer: SelectEvents:["fullwithDQC:muonPathwithDQC"]
  • 9d dataset 70% completed
  • SAM dataset: gm2pro_daq_full_run1_9d_part1_5031D, gm2pro_daq_full_run1_9d_part2_5031D, gm2pro_daq_full_run1_9d_part3_5031D
  • wiki page:
2. Preliminary t-method fits (Cristina)
  • Uncertain on R is too small (0.7 ppm), either mistake in histogram filling or fit function implementation
  • Attempt to energy calibrate each crystal using energy endpoint shape
3. Plenary session and workshop for the Denver meeting (Kim Siang)
  • workshop format discussed and feedback received
  • plenary session speakers announced