Minutes 20180626

1. Update on data production (Anna)
  • 60h dataset produced using release 9.04
  • SAM dataset: gm2pro_daq_fullwithDQC_run1_60h_5031F
  • select path for analyzer: SelectEvents:["fullwithDQC:muonPathwithDQC"]
2. In-Fill Gain Update (Matthias)
  • yellow line due to overlapping laser sequence (end of first in sequence overlaps with start of second in sequence for in-fill lasers)
  • very small gain sag amplitude after 30 us
3. What's Wrong with Calorimeter 2? (Josh)
  • comment from Tim on Calo 2 (asymmetry is lower for Q-method)
  • Calo 12 radially inward by half an inch (but did not see any shift in reconstructed (x,y) positions
  • Calo 2 has a modified chariot
4. CBO Frequency/Phase & Quad Timing (James)
  • decreasing and increasing 'phase' over the fill
  • 0.25% the spec given to the manufacturer for quad voltage stability, to be investigated if this can go lower