Minutes 20180612

1. Goals for Denver meeting and beyond (Kim Siang Khaw, docdb 12344)
  • Revisited systematic tables
  • Setup a goal for the FY18 dataset, figure out where we are using the 60h dataset at Denver
  • Candidate datasets for FY18
2. Update on correlation plots from various systems (Kim Siang Khaw, docdb 12353)
  • Presented jupyter notebook + pandas based data visualization
  • Collected info from the calorimeters, trackers, quads, kickers, POT, etc
  • To be updated soon
3. An initial vetting of the Recon West reconstruction algorithms (Dikai Li, docdb 12374)
  • studied reduced chi2 versus various parameters (energy, time, islandLength, etc)
  • no strange feature so far
  • discovered long tail at end-of-fill laser timing, it was due to the laser+beam fitting without time check for > 1 pulse fitting
4. E821 style pileup study for the 60h dataset (Bingzhi Li, docdb 12371)
  • tested E821's APC method for pileup
  • preliminary results are promising
  • need to understand how to modify it to be applied on E989 dataset