Minutes 20180605

1. Q-Method Update (Fang Han, docdb 12239)
  • analysis workflow presented
  • breakdown of data product sizes, example histograms for Q method analysis
2. Preliminary gain correction work (Jason Hempstead, docdb 12263)
  • studied normalized laser amplitude vs time in fill
  • discovered two distinct bands in time constant
3. Quad/Kicker conditions in 60h & run 1 so far (James Mott, docdb 12230)
  • Run data grouped according to quad and kicker settings
  • Found several analyzable (under similar conditions) chuck of data
4. Fill-by-fill Data Quality Control - 60-hour data set (Antoine Chapelain, docdb 12266)
  • Preliminary results on kicker DQC
  • Kicker strength variation per pulse index observed
  • Unknown kicker timing shift as a function of run number /time
  • Updates from Laser/T0 DQC