Minutes 20180529

1) Recon East: Status and Plan (Kevin Labe, docdb 12146)
  • independent pulse reconstruction, clustering and timing correction
  • pulse template, energy calibration & scale equalization will come later
  • stage 1 - no shower approach, getting ready for production next week
  • first comparison with Recon West in a month from now
2) Ratio fitting progress (Nick Kinnaird, docdb 12134)
  • gain sag included in toyMC to understand how fitted parameters are biased
  • bias on ωa for R-method << standard T-method (~ 1/10)
  • work in progress fitting with gain correction function and CBO terms
3) Vertical beam position & quad quality cut (Mark Lancaster, docdb 12152)
  • strong correlation between vertical position and temperature (Joe’s talk today)
  • work in progress understanding features of quad HV/current in correlation with various things like test beam facility (MTEST)