Minutes 20180515

1) Update on 60-hour dataset (Anna)
  • 5031C done
2) An overview of 60-hour dataset (Kim Siang)
  • FFT analysis of fit residuals (omega_a, CBO, lost muon and vertical waist included)
  • fitted parameters very similar to the ones from BNL
  • no unknown frequencies so far
  • chi2/NDF down to ~1.06 before pileup and in-fill gain correction
3) 60 hour dataset overview for Q-method analysis (Tim)
  • wiggle fit with gain, CBO and pileup effect
  • saw decreasing CBO frequency for CBO period offset fit
  • understanding pileup effect in fit ongoing
4) Tracking trend plots 60 hr (Joe)
  • quality cuts applied before analysis
  • some beam intensity increase starting from run 15940
  • gradually increasing <y> position of the beam, 0.4 mm throughout the dataset (same magnitude also observed in calo)
  • first look at <y^2> versus run for pitch correction, no significant shape observed so far