Minutes 20180424

1) Production update (Anna)
  • production is done in v9
  • mistakes in fhicl found in 5031B dataset, fixed and 5031C production is running
2) Update on blinding software and procedure, live demonstration (Kim and Mark)
  • software ready to be tested, minor issues to be fixed (location of namespace, etc)
  • will merge py2 and py3 versions
3) Q-method work plan (Wes)
  • presented work plan with issue tracker for Q WG
4) R-method (Nick)
  • generating toy MC for gain sag for systematic studies
5) Discussion on candidates for long BAM talks on May 3
  • Chris suggested fast rotation analysis. Kim addressed this to Rob, will be discussed on Apr 26 after the BD meeting
  • Another talk will be coming from tracking analysis (Mark to select)