How to get data out from art and analyze them using ROOT macros

Simple data skimmers or more precisely art analyzers (plus TFileService) are available in our gm2 software release. What it means is that you can use these skimmers to extract particular class of physics objects without having to install or compile any gm2 source codes. Two examples of data skimmers we usually use are gm2calo::ClusterTree and gm2calo::CrystalHitTree modules.

For this demonstration, the fhicl file is available in the folder you just copied over to your working directory.


After setting up the gm2 software environment,

setup gm2 v7_06_06 -q prof

go to the folder session1 and execute the following command:

gm2 -c clusterTree.fcl -S run1462.list -T clusterTree_run1462.root -n 100

We limit the number of events to 100 as this is just a demonstration. A fully skimmed file is located at