Stakeholders Meeting September-9-2020

Roadmap discussion on 9/2
Roadmap discussion on 9/2, notes

Action items summary

Present (all attendees are remote via zoom)

Marco Mambelli
Bruno Coimbra
Dennis Box
Karen Ten
Marco Mascheroni
Steven Timm
Andrew Norman
Brian Lin
Burt Holzman
David Dykstra
David Mason
jdost (?)
Joe Boyd
Ken Bloom
Ken Herner
Krista Larson
Margaret Votava
Mats Rynge
Stu Fuess
Tanya Levshina


Steve Timm - Have you tried to pass a user token to the job?
Marco Mam - You can pass a user token to a job at submission time, outside of the infrastructure.
David Dykstra - Is there renewal for these tokens?
Marco Mam - Condor does not support it yet.

Edgar - How will the job know which authentication method to use GSI vs Tokens?
Marco Mam - You have to specify for the CE on the factory.
jdost - Do we have to have two entries for a factory if we want to support both methods?
Marco Mam - Yes

jdost - Is 3.7 ready for production environments?
Marco Mam - 3.7.1 is ready.

Brian Lin - When is Autoconf going to be available?
Marco Mas - As soon as possible. Probably November

Tanya - How is Namratha’s work related to Dave Dykstra’s work?
Marco Mam - For now her approach is only using Fuse. We’ll look into using cvmfsexec in the future
Edgar - Asked for more details on the implementation.
Marco Mam - Depending on the OS the feature will look find the best way to make cvmfs available automatic.
Dave Dykstra - Is it using cvmfs exec now?
Marco Mam - Not yet. It’s a bit more difficult to implement this feature with cvmfsexec, but we’ll use it in the future.
Marco Mam - This feature comes on the next release as a factory script.

jdost - The OSG schedule for 3.7 is ITB this week and production the week of the 21.
Marco Mam - This is positive, the earlier we can reduce the number of versions the better

Edgar - We are up to be early adopters of the Python 3 version

Dave Dykstra - When you have RHEL 7.8 with unprivileged users cvmfsexec will be able to clean the mount points even after a kill -9. This specifically useful to handle preemptions.
Marco Mam - Jobs running inside a Docker container could possibly handle preemptions well.

jdost - Suggested having a dedicated meeting for the Frontend Decision Channel discussion.
Marco Mam - What would be good topics for this meeting
Edgar - Suggested: How are we going to distribute the topic, What’s the transition plan, What features are available in each version
Brian Lin - Suggested putting together an architecture diagram.
Marco Mam - Mentioned that we don’t have a final design yet, but would provide what we have now.