Stakeholders Meeting July-8-2020


Present (all attendees are remote via zoom)

Marco Mambelli
Bruno Coimbra
Marco Mascheroni
Namratha Urs
Tanya Levshina
Anthony Tiradani
Antonio Pérez-Calero
Brian Lin
Burt Holzman
David Mason
Dennis Box
James Letts
Kevin Lannon
Krista Larson
Marco Mascheroni
Mimi Y
Steven Timm
Thomas Hein
LeRayah Neely


Steve Timm asked to talk offline about HEP Cloud GlideinWMS

Tanya asked about the release of the new CernVM (cvmfs exec) feature.

Edgar and Tanya had questions about the order of the next releases, specially 3.9.0 coming before 3.7.1.

Edgar asked if the features from 3.6.3 would be available in 3.7.1 and mentioned that keeping 3 series at the same time could be a lot of work.

Brian suggested moving 3.7 to production and 3.9 to upcoming so we don’t have to maintain 3 releases. A possible timeframe would be September/October the earliest, or November the latest.

Marco Mascheroni mentioned he’d like to keep two factory versions in parallel, one of them containerized and with support to SciTokens.

Antonio said that at least one Italian site will not be able to migrate out of CREAM by December. Edgar mentioned it’s unlikely sites all sites will be able to move before December.

Brian suggested further discussing how long we should still support OSG 3.4

Edgar asked about the logic of releasing held pilots. He thinks that might be easier to just remove them and submit new ones. Marco Mambelli mentioned that there are sites where you have to stay in the queue for a week. Tony also mentioned that Slurm pilots are not cheep.

Brian asked Dennis to suggest improvements to the Condor token documentation if he found something not clear.

Burt asked how much of the process of implementing SciTokens was configuring condor and how much of it required code changes. Dennis said about 50/50. Marco also mentioned that much of the work was to automate the process in order not to overload the operators.

Antonio reported that CMS is working on Grafana metrics and dashboards for monitoring factories and frontends. He also mentioned that enabling uber glideins requires manual work. Marco said that some features may be available to replace uber glideins. He also mentioned that they are working on enabling FS authentication for HPC clusters.