Stakeholders & Sponsor


Margaret Votava


This list is work in progress. May have some stakeholders missing.

Stakeholder Liaison Other Important Personnel
CMS Dave Mason, James Letts, Antonio Perez-Calero Yzquierdo Eric Vaandering
HEPCloud Tony Tiradani
OSG Brian Lin, Brian Bockelman Bo Jayatilaka, Rob Quick, Jeff Dost
SCD/FIFE Tanya Levshina, Mike Kirby

Stakeholders Meeting

  • Completed action items from Oct stakeholders' meeting
    • Progress made on milestone items
  • Completed action items from July stakeholders' meeting
    • request to send written plan for what is included in the next major release of GWMS to the stakeholders including the priorities.
    • ensure good communication of plans and activities between cycle computing monitoring NDA and GWMS project
      • Dialog was initiated between the UCSD/Cycle activity and the project.
    • request capability from HTCondor for differing types of class ads to be sent to different collectors.
      • This capability was requested from HTCondor. A solution via COLLECTOR_REQUIREMENTS was suggested; we need to evaluate to see if that's suitable for the use cases.
    • include more specific info on the support functions/feedback/effort etc next time
      • I will have some text on this in the slides.
  • Incomplete action items from last stakeholders' meeting
    • thinking on how to present the separate functions and components of Scheduling and Factory concepts in GlideinWMS more clearly.
    • for or before next qtrly meeting have meeting of stakeholders to discuss control and policy mechanisms, options, futures in the factory and/or front end.