• High priority topics
    • Reduce operations effort
      • Easy deployment and use of tokens
      • Automatic Factory configuration generation, via CRIC
      • Improve autoconfiguration and other automation scripts in Factories
      • Provide containers for Frontend and Factory
    • Improve support for tokens
      • Support for tokens in GlideinWMS
        • Use HTCondor IDtokens for Glideins authentication
        • Support submission of Glideins to sites using sci-token
        • Authenticate Factory and Frontend using HTCondor IDtokens
      • Tokens as first-class credential
      • Ease token management
      • Support transitive trust via OSG Collector
    • Improve modularity and code quality (especially of Frontend)
      • Move to Python 3
        • Fix remaining bugs with the Python 3 implementation
      • Improve code quality
      • Separate out the Glidein code
        • Extend and ease the support of custom scripts
      • Make the code more modular (especially the Frontend)
      • Expand, simplify, and automate testing
      • Keep supporting Python 2 until mid-2021 or until OSG 3.5 is supported
    • Singularity support
      • Allow VO scripts also inside Singularity
      • Allow CVMFS/Singularity when none is available on a worker node
      • Singularity invocation via HTCondor
      • Support condor_ssh_to_job for Singularity jobs
    • Use more of HTCondor features in GWMS
      • Blackhole prevention
      • Singularity invocation via HTCondor
      • Use of tokens (security without x509 certificates)
    • Upgrade Frontend and Factory monitoring
      • Collaborate with UCSD (Edgar) and merge the results in production