Meeting Notes

glideinWMS Quarterly Stakeholders Meeting

May 15, 2015


  • Brian Bockelman (OSG/CMS) - OSG Liaison for GlideinWMS
  • Bo Jayatilaka - OSG Production Support
  • Frank Wurthwein - OSG Exe Director/USCMS
  • Rob Gardner - OSG VO
  • Jeff Dost - OSG GlideinWMS Operations Team + CERN Operations Team
  • James Letts - CMS Analysis
  • Joe Boyd - FIFE representative
  • Margaret Votava - FNAL project sponsor
  • Parag Mhashilkar - Project Lead
  • Hyunwoo Kim - project member
  • Tony Tiradani - project member
  • Burt Holzman - previous project lead, current Assit Head/ Facilities Coordinator
  • Dave Mason - CMS Tier1 lead
  • Stu Fuess - line management of Fermilab virtual facility project.
  • Gabriele Garzoglio - virtual facility project manager.
  • Adam Lyon - guest.


  • Stakeholders are in favor of continuing stakeholder meetings on a quarterly basis to match release schedule. However, since this is the first one in a year and the glideinWMS effort has been revamped, we will have a follow up in a month or so.
  • There was a discussion on who is on correct invitation list and how to get a common task list from the OSG side. Frank Bo, and Jeff will take offline and and sort it out.
  • Frank will help Margaret with the correct invitation list for this meeting.
  • Stakeholders would like to see periodic announcements wrt to the project in between quarterly meetings so they know how things are progressing. Especially since there was a long gap (5-6 months) between the last set of releases.
  • Request for OSG+GlideinWMS frontend training. In past there were periodic (every couple of months) frontend training sessions at UCSD to help bootstrap new frontend admins.
    • CMS has some things in twikis that we might be able to reference.
  • No additional documentation is needed at this time.

Project Management

  • The project lead has the authority to determine the priorities. When in doubt he can defer to the sponsor who will touch base with stakeholders.
  • The FNAL one facility project will rely heavily on glideinWMS. It will have monitoring needs as well. Perhaps there is some synergy here.
  • Redmine feature #6309. Brian would like to see a final proposal before implementation.


  • New Request (OSG/CMS) Make it easier for the frontend admins to launch pilots with faster turnaround time to make it easier to debug things faster. Currently takes an hour or two to turn around.
  • Moving from tarball installations to rpm makes it difficult to apply hot fixes when required. Maybe we need a developers RPM repository for bleeding edge changes/patches
    • Parag: Any tags can be released to OSG Development Repo. Only final, well tested versions will be pushed further to OSG testing and into their production schedule.
  • It is believed that all known requests for additional monitoring are entered as tickets in redmine.
  • Help for why my job isn’t running. Brian may have some things that he’s already written that he can contribute back.