Meeting Notes


  • Brian Bockelman (OSG/CMS) - OSG Liaison for GlideinWMS
  • Bo Jayatilaka - OSG Production Support
  • Rob Quick - OSG VO/GOC/OSG Operations
  • Margaret Votava - FNAL project sponsor
  • Parag Mhashilkar - Project Lead
  • Hyunwoo Kim - project member
  • Marco Mambelli - project member
  • Tony Tiradani - project member
  • Burt Holzman - previous project lead, current Assit Head/ Facilities Coordinator
  • Dave Mason - CMS Tier1 lead
  • Stu Fuess - line management of Fermilab virtual facility project.
  • Gabriele Garzoglio - virtual facility project manager.
  • Mike Kirby - FIFE Project Lead


  • Project runs a techinical meeting every Monday. Periodically, Jeff Dost represents OSG operations and Dave Mason represents CMS during these meetings. All the stakeholders are welcome. Check with Parag to get meeting requests through exchange calendar.
  • In June the project had a training session for one CMS frontend admin. This was arranged at short notice and wasn't announced to broader audience. Stakeholders thought this was a missed opportunity and they would have imagined additional participants since OSG staff is running front ends for various front ends (e.g., LIGO). There was a suggestion to announce future training sessions to stakeholders mailing list. Rob Quick will solicit the OSG community if there is interest in training. OSG stakeholders would disseminate that information.
  • There was a question if OSG staff running VO Frontend for different VOs is scalable operations & support model.
  • Next stakeholders meeting will be planned for early September.

Project Management

  • Highlight the features in the next release. Up the priority of 'Support CONDORCE_COLLECTOR_HOST for OSG sites' (#7807).


  • OSG recently involved the project to understand scalability limitations of the OSG Frontend. From time to time, OSG noticed that they do not get enough glideins (and hence jobs) running for the OSG VO. During the initial discussions, it was decided that Edgar and Mats Rynge will work with selected few individual sites to understand the allowed opportunistic usage and involve developers as needed by sending mail to the mailing list.
  • There was a question about which monitoring enhancements requested by OSG to be released as part of Glideinwms 3.2.x series
    • Per-frontend unique idle job counts
    • Completed job stats for multicore glideins