July-24-2013 glideinWMS Stakeholders' Meeting


Notes from Ruth Pordes:

  • Action Items
    • thinking on how to present the separate functions and components of Scheduling and Factory concepts in GlideinWMS more clearly.
    • include more specific info on the support functions/feedback/effort etc next time
    • request capability from HTConcor for differing types of class ads to be sent to different collectors.
    • request to send written plan for what is included in the next major release of GWMS to the stakeholders including the priorities.
    • for or before next qtrly meeting have meeting of stakeholders to discuss control and policy mechanisms, options, futures in the factory and/or front end.
    • ensure good communication of plans and activities between cycle computing monitoring NDA and GWMS project
  • CMS (Frank W.)
    • feedback that user monitoring feedback is insufficient. put into production in the analysis production system. Orthogonal to the glideinwms project. Information from the front end put into a database. Is closely tied into the workflow of the end users. integrated into CRAB. Useful to other science users of GlideinWMS is the work going on with cycle computing. Becomes VO specific at this level. Address the future needs, philosophy of the VOs. some common capabilities might be added for vertical. May be missing some hooks. CMS is requiring GlideinWMS for their production and analysis capabilities. It is a critical piece of CMS operations. May be additional effort from CMS for the needed extensions.
  • OSG (Rob/Chander/Frank)
    • Request from GWMS project for OSG to write what visibility needs there are and also communicate directly with Burt when there are questions so he can think about what functionality exists, is outside scope etc.
  • FIFE/Fermilab (many)
    • Request to be clear on priority of requests
    • Request to understand what monitoring/visibility information is needed
    • VO layer parallel to that for CMS and/or ATLASPanda
    • More actively use Redmine issues lists for posting due dates, priorities, request source (stakeholder)