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h1. Legacy Validation

Legacy validation (src/scripts/production/batch) was translated to python and jobsub. At this moment, the code lives here: or here: /grid/fermiapp/genie/legacyValidation/

General comments on running GENIE on OSG can be found here:

General instruction to legacy validation can be found on github.

h2. Step by step

h3. Builds

* go to
* choose Build with Parameters
* choose the branch, e.g. @branches/R-2_10_6@ `branches/R-2_10_6` or @trunk@ `trunk`
* every time build is called, svn repository is checked out, chosen branch is compiled and artifact is created
* artifact name convention: @genie_[branch]_buildmaster_YYYY-MM-DD.tgz@ `genie_[branch]_buildmaster_YYYY-MM-DD.tgz`
* note, that name convention and link to jenkins is hard-coded in @legacyValidation/

h3. Run legacy validation:

* go to @/grid/fermiapp/genie/legacyValidation/@
* run, e.g.

./ --genie_tag trunk --run_path /grid/fermiapp/genie/legacyValidation/ --builds /grid/fermiapp/genie/builds/ --output /pnfs/genie/scratch/users/goran/legacyValidation