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h1. GENIE AVS CI - Automated Validation

h2. General Information

GENIE AVS CI is GENIE Automated Validation Suite combined with the "Continuous Integration (CI) services":

The procedure can be subdivided into 2 categories:
* GENIE CI build(s) "on commit"
** Triggered every time when new code is committed (to GitHib) to either Generator, Reweighs, or Comparisons package (given 20min wait time, to allow consolidation of multiple commits within a short time frame)
** Includes the followjng steps:
*** Checkout from GitHub
*** Build of all 3 packages
*** Execution of Unit Tests
*** "Operational" test which includes
a) generation of minimalistic cross section splines for the CCQE process
b) generation of 5 CCQE events using splines generated in a) a);
both are done for the Default tune
* GENIE Validation workflow is triggered weekly (on Friday's)
** GENIE build, Unit Tests, and "operational" test, as described above
** Benchmark of GENIE generated predictions vs a variety of experimental datasets; the list of benchmarks can be found "here":

Results are reported to the dedicated "GENIEMC Slack channel": (password may be needed)
Each report includes link(s) to the CI dashboard for further details (log files, plot books, etc.)

Various technical details can also be found in the presentation at the GENIE meetings; see the next section.

h2. Presentations on GENIE AVS CI

* "GENIE AVS CO Overview at the STWG meeting on 6/13/2018":
NOTE: A few details may be slightly out of date as a result of updates implemented since June 2018

h2. Instructions on launching GENIE AVS CI

GENIE "on commit" and/or weekly AVS CI are triggered automatically.

However, the procedure can be triggered at any given moment, if needs be.

Any authorized GENIE developer can trigger one or another workflow, following "these instructions":

h2. Legacy Information

* Meetings
*** [[AVS - April 2, 2015]]