See also this link from Robert:

MINOS Conceptual:

1. build on build machine

2. push to a different machine

3. issue a publish command - whatever that means

4. how to know when it has installed?


1. `ssh cvmfs(minos)`

2. `cvmfs_server transaction`

3. `scp -r user@node:/location /cvmfs/` (on this

4. `cvmfs_server publish /cvmfs/`

Assume we get:

  • `/cvmfs/`?
  • Or, better: `/cvmfs/`?
  • Or, best `/cvmfs/`?
  • Here, `products` would be a lie...
  • Plus, it is harder to "stumble onto" (we want to hide)

What does the externals look like (CVMFS root understood):

  • /genie/app/externals/setup # sets up ups, no products
  • /genie/app/externals/.ups
  • /genie/app/externals/root/
  • /genie/app/externals/root/v5.34.23/
  • /genie/app/externals/root/v5.34.23.version/
  • /genie/app/externals/root/v5.34.23.version/linux...debug (file - compiler spec)
  • /genie/app/externals/log4cpp/

We get products with `setup root v5.34.27 -q e7:debug`.

AVS Project Needs

The whole loop should go weekly.

1. resolve login privileges for CVMFS install? - maybe just use Dave Dykstra -
but we need to be able to push GENIE on our schedule, so we probably need login
and push abilities (else we need a locking mechanism) - we start with a
bluearc area to build stuff for fun

Gabe and Robert will meet with Dave Dykstra.

2. populate CVMFS as described above with our externals - script (use ups) -
give path and watch ups magic happen - FIRST populate bluearc area. Decide how
to structure the area (use above for externals) - but what to do with multiple
versions of GENIE


3. script to build GENIE - use Robert's? - or lamp


4. make work on buildmaster build service


5. push GENIE after successful build to CVMFS (and test with Bluearc) (see
step 1 for how to do this) - push to bluearc first - or first copy elsewhere
in buildmaster


6. mechanism for when GENIE is in CVMFS


7. Establish how to use GENIE grid VO


8. Decide on output stratgey

Gabe will look at storage requst.

9. Launch jobs on the grid with GENIE VO - need to put output in

Tomek and Robert.

10. notification / quality reporting - nice a regression test against some
set of splines

Gabe and Julia.