This is the wiki page for GENIE work being done at FNAL

Official GENIE site

The full GENIE project is located at:

The source code can be found on GitHub:


GENIE as a UPS product

The GENIE code is available from, but needs to be compiled in a manner consistent with other products it depends on (ROOT, LHAPDF, etc) and with any framework it might be used within (e.g. ART). Many of the FNAL experiments use UPS to share these installations.

Cross-section splines

In order to use GENIE for event generation one must have generated cross-section splines for any and all desired combinations of neutrino an flavor and nuclear isotope. Versions of these spline files that are adequate for the FNAL experiments are distributed via UPS.

Flux handling for GENIE and FNAL experiments

Event generation for realistic experimental setups relies on a non-trivial characterization of the neutrino flux. The GNuMIFlux code exists to handle many of the data products of the NuMI flux simulations. The GSimpleNtpFlux format is a simplified ntuple containing the bare minimum of data for neutrino rays; such files can be derived from GNuMIFlux interpretations of the beam simulations evaluated at a given detector location.

Future "flux" file are to be migrated to using the dk2nu ntuple format:

Running gevgen_fnal

In many cases genie event generation will occur as a stage embedded in the art framework. Information on that can be found as part of the nutools and/or nugen project ( and ).

Reading GENIE native format files

Considerations When Generating Rock Events

Common questions

What's the difference between gsimple and dk2nu (g4numi) fluxes

GENIE development work at Fermilab

This section is intended for the local developers and not end-users.

CVMFS and UPS Installations for Development Work

How to Build Professor on geniegpvm01

Running GENIE on grid

Automated Validation