Geant4 CVMFS repositories

Repositories and accessing the software

There are various locations where prebuild versions of geant4 can be found in cvmfs

The cern repository is the official place that makes various geant4 versions available for the supported computing platforms:

to learn what is available see:
ls /cvmfs/
If your are on an SL6 machine and want to setup geant4 version 10.4 do:
source /cvmfs/

The osg oasis cvmfs repository is located here:

ls  /cvmfs/
We are using UPS to setup the software and its dependencies:
source /cvmfs/
then you can see what's installed by typing:
ups list -a geant4
ups list -a artg4tk

Installing software in the osg oasis cvmfs repository


To install software you must have valid grid certificates, be user of the Geant4 VO annd being granted access to CVMFS. 
e.g. I exported the certificate from firefox (newcert.p12) copied it into the .globus subdirectory in my home directory on geant4gpvm01
chmod 600 newcert.p12
openssl pkcs12 -in newcert.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out ~/.globus/usercert.pem
openssl pkcs12 -in newcert.p12 -nocerts -out ~/.globus/userkey.pem
chmod 600 *

Now one should be able to do create a proxy and log in:

get a proxy:
gsissh -o GSSAPIDelegateCredentials=yes
the staging area for geant4 is:
cd /stage/oasis/geant4/externals
copy something into the staging area:
gsiscp -r -o GSSAPIDelegateCredentials=yes * :/stage/oasis/geant4/externals

Once the copy is complete one can push it out via:

This command will start a condor batch job that you can check via: