WebEVD for garsoft

WebEVD is a larsoft package ( developed by Chris Backhouse. We are in the initial exploratory phase of adapting it for use with garsoft events.

larsoft-specific instructions are here

One day the procedure for garsoft will be simply setup webevd; setup garsoft but unfortunately it is a little more involved at present. This is mostly due to a few version conflicts between the different software packages.

# This initial section is from
mkdir my_dir; cd my_dir
source /grid/fermiapp/products/dune/
export MRB_PROJECT=garsoft
export COMPILER=e19
export BUILDTYPE=prof
mrb newDev -v develop -q ${COMPILER}:${BUILDTYPE}
source localProducts*/setup
# garsoft doesn't have regular releases, so need to check it out
mrb g -d garsoft garsoft-garsoft

# And we will need webevd, in a branch with hacks in it to deal with the different Geometry service and reco products
mrb g -b feature/garsoft webevd

source localProducts*/setup
mrb i -j`nproc --all`
# go get a coffee

On subsequent logins you will need

source /grid/fermiapp/products/dune/
cd my_dir
source localProducts*/setup

To run the display:

art -c webevdjob_ndgar.fcl $MY_GARSOFT_FILE


You probably want to set the MCTruth menu to "Charged" and "Text"

By default you are in 3D view, but you can switch to a 2D view in the menus and pan with the left mouse button. The view mode persists when you navigate between events.

The text in the bottom left is editable and will navigate to the specified event when you press Enter.

Display of MCParticle and MCTruth info