GArSoft is a simulation, reconstruction and analysis package for use with high pressure gaseous argon time projection chambers (HPGTPCs). See DUNE-Doc-13933 for tracking documentation.

Getting Started Developing using CVMFS, git and mrb

Updating A Test Release from SLF6 to SLF7

Installing from SciSoft

This is older and likely no longer works -- please use the preinstalled garsoft or in order to develop, the git/mrb method above.

You can set up a local copy of the git repository by downloading the script. This script will download the repository and set up a "Multi-Repository Build", or mrb development area. mrb allows for the development of multiple repositories in a single area, assuming all are built with CMake.

ART-based Software Information

TRex Information

Detector Configuration Options

Using files simulated with edep-sim

Pandora development

Building and Installing Official Releases

WebEVD for garsoft