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There are no new gallery-specific features with this series.

 Platform/compiler support changes

Discontinuation of e17 and c2 support

To prepare for an upgrade in compiler versions in the near future, the only compilers supported for this series are GCC 8.2 (e19) and Clang 7 (c7).

Discontinuation of macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) support

This series supports only macOS 10.14 (Mojave) with SIP disabled; support for High Sierra has been dropped. This change is in line with the SciSoft policy change to discontinue support for macOS (see here for information).

 Breaking changes

Python 3 enabled by default

Python 3 is enabled by default for this series. In order to use Python 2, the py2 qualifier should be used when setting up the gallery UPS product:

setup gallery v1_14_00 -q +e19:+prof      # sets up Python 3
setup gallery v1_14_00 -q +e19:+prof:+py2 # sets up Python 2

N.B. Python 3 is not supported on SLF6 systems--users will need to specify the py2 qualifier when using this series on SLF6.

cet::enable_if_type_exists_t deprecated

The cet::enable_if_type_exists_t metaprogramming utility has been deprecated in favor of std::void_t. The std::void_t class template should be used in exactly the same way as cet::enable_if_type_exists_t was used.

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