gallery suite release notes 1.15.02 (2020/09/03)

This release has no new gallery-specific features with respect to version 1.15.00.

 External package changes

Package art_root_io 1.04.02 (previous) art_root_io 1.04.03 (this version)
numpy v1_19_0a v1_19_0b
openblas v0_3_10 v0_3_10a
root v6_20_06 v6_20_08a

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #24827 (canvas_root_io): Installed ROOT prof and debug products have been built correctly.
  • Bug #24829 (fhicl-cpp): Make sure that fhicl-dump and friends correctly interpret the user-supplied lookup policy.

 Dependent packages