gallery suite release notes 1.15.00 (2020/07/08)

 External package changes

Package gallery 1.14.02 (previous) gallery 1.15.00 (this version) Notes
boost v1_70_0 v1_73_0
clhep v2_4_1_2 v2_4_1_3a
cppunit v1_14_0 v1_15_1a
fftw v3_3_8a v3_3_8a
gsl v2_5 v2_6a
lapack v3_8_0c --- Replaced by openblas
libxml2 v2_9_9 2 v2_9_10a
mysql_client v5_5_62 v8_0_20
numpy v1_15_4b v1_19_0a
openblas --- v0_3_10 Replaces lapack
postgresql v9_6_11b v12_3b
pybind11 v2_2_4 --- No longer a required dependency
pythia v6_4_28p v6_4_28r
python v3_7_2 v3_8_3b
range v3_0_4_0 v3_0_10_0b
root v6_18_04d v6_20_06
sqlite v3_26_00_00 v3_32_03_00
tbb v2019_3 v2020_2a
xrootd v4_8_5c v4_12_3b

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #23656 (fhicl-cpp): Users will get a more helpful error message if an unsupported string value is presented to the FHiCL parser.

 Dependent packages