gallery suite release notes 1.12.00 (2019/01/30)

 External package changes

Package gallery 1.11.01 (previous) gallery 1.12.00 (this version) Notes
boost v1_66_0a v1_69_0
catch v2_2_2 v2_5_0 Build-only product
cetbuildtools v7_06_04 v7_09_02 Build-only product
clhep v2_3_4_6 v2_4_1_0b
cppunit v1_13_2c v1_14_0
fftw v3_3_6_pl2 v3_3_8
gsl v2_4 v2_5
lapack - v3_8_0c Dependency added through ROOT UPS product
libxml2 v2_9_5 v2_9_9
mysql_client v5_5_58a v5_5_62
numpy - v1_15_4b Dependency added through ROOT UPS product
postgresql v9_6_6a v9_6_11b
pythia v6_4_28k v6_4_28p
python v2_7_14b v2_7_15a
v3_7_2 Supported through py3 qualifier
range v3_0_3_0 v3_0_4_0
root v6_12_06a v6_16_00
sqlite v3_20_01_00 v3_26_00_00
tbb v2018_2a v2019_3
xrootd v4_8_0b v4_8_5b

 Bug fixes

Bug #18075 (canvas): The art suite's use of an ABI interface has been adjusted to support Clang builds.

 Known issues

The fhicl Python extension module is not supported for Python 3 builds--it is re-enabled for gallery suite 1.12.03.

 Dependent packages