gallery suite release notes 1.08.06 (2019/06/07)

There are no new gallery-specific features in this release with respect to version 1.08.05.

This release exists to support ROOT 6.16.

 External package changes

Package gallery 1.08.05 (previous) gallery 1.08.06 (this version) Notes
fftw v3_3_6_pl2 v3_3_8
gcc v6_4_0 v7_3_0 The e15 qualifier has been replaced by e17
libxml2 v2_9_5 v2_9_9
mysql_client v5_5_58a v5_5_62
numpy --- v1_15_4b Dependency brought in through ROOT 6.16
postgresql v9_6_6a v9_6_11b
pythia v6_4_28k v6_4_28p
python v2_7_14b v2_7_15a
root v6_12_06a v6_16_00
sqlite v3_20_01_00 v3_26_00_00
tbb v2018_2a v2019_3
xrootd v4_8_0b v4_8_5b

 Dependent packages