Status meeting June 7th, 2012

  • Ask Daniel about last meeting's minutes.

Update on implementing electron's physics process (Soon, Dongwook)

Dongwook focusing submitting analysis. For EM physics, focusing on figuring out how to deal with the table of data. Still pondering whether to literaly translate the code and/or to reimplement. Dongwook concluded that doing the literal translation is a good way to understand/study the algorithm. Translated the physics vector (container of the cross-section values) into simple array of values. Moving on the actual values. Hoping to be done in 1 week full time.

Update on Geometry on GPGPU (Soon)

Soon built a simple geometry using a mix of new port of the G4 code and the John A.'s summer student port (for the benefit of the copy routine from regular G4 geometry to regular geometry).
The example using segmented tub (1.5Mb in memory size) with 36 segments. Can calculate the closest edge and step length. Soon is currently working on combining the geometry code and the transportation code and the previous version of the EM code. So we have now 3 different 'component' that are useable from CUDA.
We are now ready to build more complex geometry (So far we have Box, Tub, G4Trd and Trads).

For the next couple of weeks, would like to focus on implementation a crystal like geometry.

Discussion of white paper the Geant4 workshop in DC.

Due at the end of next week. Jim K and Philippe will focus on writing next week.

Discussion on report for FWP.

We would like the paper to be done by September 1st. Rough outline:

  • Introduction
  • Performance Analysis
  • GPGPU implementations of equation of motions, Geometry and EM physics.
  • results
  • Design change recommendations.
  • Conclusion

Should start writing Mid-July (around 6 weeks before dateline) with about one month left of implementation.

Rough development plan:

2 weeks: last geometry implementation and EM physics.
2 weeks: debugging and performance measurement.

Vacation plans:
Daniel: June 11th through 24th + 1 week in August 2nd to 11th.
Philippe: 1 or 2 weeks in July/August.
Jim K.: Away the for the week of July 4th. ; July 18th/19th ; Week Aug 4th (3 days)
Soon: July 2nd or 3rd week of July.
Dongwook: 1 week in August.

Daniel: CERN June 25th through July 7th.
Philippe: CERN for 3 weeks from June 18th (to July 8th)
Jim K.: Might go to Arizona week Aug 13th (2 days).