Status Meeting April 6th, 2012

Update on propagation algorithm (Marc).

RAS (Marc is away).

Update on implementing electron's physics process (Soon, Dongwook)

Dongwook will go one step forward, beyond transportation, and include EM physics (e, gamma) in the tests. He will focus for now on EM Branstralong (sp?) .. and the end it requires cross-section number ... for now we will use a 'fixed/hard-coded' number so we can implement all the functions calls in Cuda.

Update on accuracy requirement for field lookup by the experiment/gean4.

According to the article, the figures of merit for the CMS magnetic field mapper are

  1. probe precision: 5 x 10-5 at 4.5 Tesla
  2. standard deviation of the measurement averaging inside the tracker volume: 4x10-5 Tesla
  3. in the discrete points of air gaps between the steel yoke: 10-3
  4. uncertainty inside the steel blocks of CMS yoke: 2%-7%
  5. (measure-CMS TOSCAL model) < 5x10-3 Tesla (inside the tracker)
  6. any point in the entire inner tracker volume using the CMS TOSCA model instead of a linear interpolation: 0.1%

Update on CUDA development (Soon, Philippe)

Getting classicalRK4 working properly, ready to vectorize it and then make some calculation on the accuracy drift due to the texture lookup.

Soon is looking at / importing code from Transporation , Propagator (need FieldManager which needs MagneticField), ChordFinder, MagDriver, Stepper (and RK4), EquationOfMotion.