Status meeting October 25th, 2012

Code development.

Soon: Optimization leads to very good number. Performance improved from 35 to 55 (200 without uploads).

Dongwook: Working on debugging the bremstralung postDoIt CUDA version.

Build system.

Marc: we should stop using the -fopenmp and -fast-math option until we really need them. We should also using include coming only from a single cuda SDK.
We need a build system that will prevent inconsistent builds. Marc has already engaged Lynn's support for:
  1. teaching cetbuildtools to understand nvcc
  2. rewriting the g4hpcbenchmarks build files to use cetbuildtools.
    Lynn will be using the new-build-system branch in the repository for this purpose. Anyone who wants to track the work can do so, but don't expect things to build immediately on that branch.

We have decided that the nvcc product with not set up a specific version of gcc during its setup. Rather, a product like g4hpcbenchmarks will have its qualifiers specify what version of nvcc and what version of gcc are to be used to produce a specific build.