Status meeting October 18th, 2012

Build System / GIT.

The group decided to move the g4hpcbenchmark build system to cetbuildtools. Marc and Lynn will work together to start the upgrade, including putting Cuda compiler into a ups package (Qiming and Lynn).

Reminder to follow the git workflow described in:

Philippe: We should start a list of what we have ported.

Random number.

Marc: I am writing a technical note on issues on random number generation. What do we need? What is possible? What kind of reproducibility do we need / can achieve?
See, which shows that mathematical operations are inherently different on NVidia device and Intel CPU.
Next I am going to be looking at the 'seeding'.

Code Development.

Soon: Prototype is becoming bigger. Time to reorganize the code in packaging. I am working on reorganizing the chain of code in the Transportation package. Want to focus the code on slow varying magnetic field (reducing the number of retries).

Dongwook: Working on reorganization and uploading EM physics code to the git repository.

Ray Tracing.

Looking at various paper on 'curved' ray tracing. Some similarity do what we already do ; often more 'simplification'/'approximation'. Now looking at how geometry question (where, what's next) are used in Geant4 and one ray-tracking library (Optix).