Build g4hpc

You will need a personal product directory, <my_products>, and a personal build directory, <build_dir>.

  1. setup the general products
    source /products/setup (on cluck and oink)
  2. checkout the source code somewhere
    git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/g4hpc
  3. cd <build_dir>
  4. source /path/to/g4hpc/ups/setup_for_development <-d|-o|-p>
    You must specify either -d (debug), -o (optimized), or -p (profile).
    The default qualifier is f1, which means the internal CLHEP will be used.
    The build uses gcc v4_6_1.
  6. make install

The following directories will be created:
<my_products>/g4hpc/v4_9_5/slf6.x86_64.f1.debug (if -d was used)
<my_products>/g4hpc/v4_9_5/slf6.x86_64.f1.opt (if -o was used)
<my_products>/g4hpc/v4_9_5/ (if -p was used)

To use this product:
  1. cp -pr /products/.upsfiles <my_products>
    (You only need to do this once when you first mkdir <my_products>.)
  2. export PRODUCTS=<my_products>:${PRODUCTS}
    This needs to be done once per login.
  3. setup g4hpc v4_9_5 -q +f1:+debug
To build a new version of g4hpc
  1. modifiy the top level CMakeLists.txt file under g4hpc where the g4hpc version is defined in the line
    cet_cmake_env( g4hpc v4_9_5 ${qualifier} )
  2. follow the standard build procedure described above