Geant4 EM Physics Code Review Weekly Phone Meeting


Date: May 16, 2014 at 9.15 AM US CST (Fermilab local time)
Place: 1-866-740-1260 (ReadyTalk line) (Host : Krzysztof)


John Apostolakis
Andrea Dotti
Krzysztof Genser
Soon Yung Jun
Boyana Norris


(Summary by Krzysztof)

Boyana reported missing files in the G4xydForv10 branch in our
emreview repository. Krzysztof subsequently uploaded the files.

We discussed briefly the results related to the AlongStep... function
invocations and the G4VEnergyLossProcess::SetIonisation function.
Soon volunteered to look up the usage/functionality of the
aGPILSelection data member.

Andrea reported sending the information about the
G4UniversalFluctuation::SampleFluctuations function to Vladimir.

Next week we are going to discuss more of the TAU results and the
text of the report itself (including the parts marked with "?").