Geant4 EM Physics Code Review Weekly Phone Meeting


Date: January 24, 2014 at 9.15 AM US CST (Fermilab local time)
Place: 1-866-740-1260 (ReadyTalk line) (Host : Krzysztof)


John Apostolakis
Andrea Dotti
Krzysztof Genser
Soon Yung Jun
Boyana Norris

plus Geant4 vector prototype team (from CERN and Fermilab)


(Summary by Krzysztof)

Krzysztof summarized the current status of the review.

Andrea reported on his work with G4UniversalFluctuation::SampleFluctuations
and the unit test written. Seeing order of 10% improvement when using
the random number generator array interface and pre-caching a constant set
of random numbers. Testing other changes.

Boyana described the status of TAU related work.
Expects to have a shared database populated with the Geant4 10.0 data by February 5th.

Krzysztof and Boyana will give talks on the status of the review on that day.
Boyana will cover the TAU aspects of the review, possibly also giving a demo
on the use of the database with the performance data mentioned above.

We may want to host this database at the Fermilab Geant4 site once it is more heavily used.

Federico suggested to also profile Geant4 9.6.p02 as this is the main production
version now used by many experiments and see if some of the review conclusions would
not be applicable for that version as well.

We should try to have a first draft of the review at the end of February.

The review should be delivered to the EM Geant4 Group/Geant4 Collaboration first.
It should be publicly available once the Collaboration has a chance to read and
process the information.

Will have our next meeting on January 31st.