List of Geant4 Validation Tests and Results from Series 9.6.x and Beyond

General Information

As of July 2016, we consistently keep Geant4 validation results starting from release Geant4.9.6.p04.

A validation round of a given release typically consists of the following tests:
  • test48 - capture and annihilation processes
  • test47 - hadron production (with the focus on baryon production) in hadron-mucleus interactions in the intermediate energy range (1.4-7.5GeV)
  • test19 - hadron production (with the focus on meson production) in hadron-nucleus interactions at the intermediate (3-12GeV) and high energies (31-158GeV)
  • test75 - gamma-nuclear interactions
  • test23 - similar to test19, but at the physics list level rather than process level (single model, single interaction)

A full validation round is typically done for every public release of Geant4 (e.g. 9.6.p04, 10.0, 10.0.p01, etc.)

Validation is also performed for most of the reference Geant4 releases (releases internal to Geant4 collaboration).

In some cases, there maybe a "reduced" validation round, i.e. only selected validation tests are executed.

In general, we work on having all available validation results (in a form of histogram content) in the DoSSiER repository:

A good amount of results in a form of images are largely available via earlier release of the validation repository:

For those who have access to the Wilson cluster (, all the results are available in a form of images in the tree of directories under /g4/g4p/pbs/g4-had-validation/results

Additional documents are available at the following links:

Release series 9.6.x

Public Release: 9.6.p04 - ALL tests

Results (images):

NOTE: Some of the results in a form of images are available for 9.6.p01 and 9.6.p02 via but we do not have them in a form of ROOT histograms on disk.

Reports (incl. reference releases preceding 9.6.x series)

Release series 10.0.x

Public Releases: 10.0.p01 (test19), 10.0.p02 (test19, test23), 10.0.p03 (ALL tests), 10.4.p04 (ALL tests)

Results (images):

Reports (incl. reference releases preceding 10.0.x series)

Release series 10.1.x

Reference Releases preceding 10.1.x series: 10.0.ref07, 10.0.ref08, 10.0.ref09 - ALL tests

Results (images): typically NOT available to general public

Public Releases: 10.1, 10.1.p01, 10.1.p02, 10.1.p03 - ALL tests

Results (images):

Reports (incl. reference releases preceding 10.1.x series)

Release series 10.2.x

Reference Releases: 10.1.ref02, 10.1.ref04, 10.1.ref05, 10.1.ref06, 10.1.ref08, 10.1.ref09, 10.1.ref10 - ALL tests, except there is NO test23 in 10.1.ref06 and 10.1.ref09

Results: typically NOT available to general public

Release 10.2.b01 - ALL tests

Results (images):

Public Releases: 10.2, 10.2.p01, 10.2.p02, 10.2.p03 - ALL tests except NO test23 in 10.2.p03

Results (images) for 10.2.p02:

NOTE: Results from 10.2.p03 are available via the above repository as part of regression tests of 10.3.p01 (see later in this document)


Release series 10.3.x

Reference releases: 10.2.ref01, 10.2.ref03, 10.2.ref04, 10.2.ref05 - ALL tests except NO test23 in 10.2.ref05; 10.2.ref07, 10.2.ref10, 10.3.cand01 - custom validation rounds with the focus on Bertini and FTF in the overlap region (i.e. only partial results from test19 and test47)

Results (images): typically NOT available to general public

Release 10.3.beta01 - ALL tests

Public Releases: 10.3, 10.3.p01 - ALL tests



Upcoming series 10.4.x

Reference releases 10.3.ref02, 10.3.ref05, 10.3.ref07 (in progress)

Tests: ALL except test23