Inventory of web-based documents on the Geant4 physics lists

User Guide for Application Developers (section 6.2.1)

Back in Nov.2014 it was updated and expanded (Michael Kelsey, Julia Yarba), and is in a reasonable shape.

On the administrative side this is managed via SVN, and the procedure/instructions are documented:

Several other web-based documents, offered as part of the User Support materials:

This hierarchy includes a fairly large collection of underlying materials.

It appears that since long times the collection of these materials has been managed via CVS repository: /afs/ (the www module)

It also appears that the materials have been mainly composed by hands (at different times, but the majority dates back to 2011 or earlier).

Specifically, we have in that domain the following materials on the physics lists:

Further remarks

In general, materials of this kind are highly in demand by the users community.

However, maintaining them by hands is quite a burden, and it would be useful to consolidate these documents, and, where possible, to introduce some degree of automation.

There's an ongoing effort to outfit physics models code with features to dumpHTML.

Similar features can be beneficial to the physics lists, although the modular/composite nature of the physics lists may still call for some high level "glue" scripts (possibly,by-hands).