Wire Chamber DAQ Developer

Documentation from Sten Hansen

Access To Repository (git)

This is the python code developed to configure and readout the wire chambers. To checkout this code from the git repository you must first be registered as a developer or manager for the project.

git clone ssh://

Software Release

  • Push all changes to Fermilab Redmine git repository.
  • Tag the files in the repository.
    • git tag - list current tags, select a new unique tag
    • git tag -a vXX-YY (v01-02 for example)
    • git push --tags
  • Extract the files into /fnal/products.
    • cd /fnal/products/ftbfwirechamberdaq
    • ./ vXX-YY (v01-02 for example)
  • Test using the UPS tag
    • Open a new xterm window
    • setup ftbfwirechamberdaq vXX-YY (v01-02 for example)
    • Run your tests
  • Once tests are successful tag this version as current in UPS
    • cd /fnal/products/ftbfwirechamberdaq
    • ./ vXX-YY (v01-02 for example)

Operational Info

Two wire chamber controllers are currently (20-Mar-2014) operational.
  • ftbfwc01
  • ftbfwc02
Each wire chamber has three ports to which socket connections can be made.
  • 5000 - daq apps
  • 5001 - emergency access
  • 5002 - telnet sessions