The page Setting Up and Running FluxReader describes how to check out the FluxReader package. To actually check out the code, follow the instructions on that page, DO NOT simply run the commands shown here. This page simply discusses the level of access that typically users will have.

On the Setting Up and Running FluxReader page, the command shown to check out the code is:

% svn co

This command will allow users to make local edits to the code, but it will not allow users to commit those changes. From time to time, someone may be given developer status. These people are able to commit changes. For developers, the command above should be changed to the following:

% svn checkout svn+ssh://

Checking out the code in this fashion will allow the user to commit changes. However, if a user tries to run this command but is not a developer, the command will fail, and the user will receive an error message including "Permission denied."

Mailing List

FluxReader users should join the FLUXREADER mailing list. Aside from providing a forum for users to discuss the framework, commit messages are sent to this mailing list whenever a developer makes changes to the code. Knowing when this occurs is vital so users can update their code accordingly.

Subscribing to this mailing list is the same as any other mailing list as described on the Fermilab LISTSERV Webpage.
Send an email to and leave the subject line empty.
In the body of the message, type (without quotes) "SUBSCRIBE FLUXREADER FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" and replace FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME with your name.


Users are responsible for maintaining their own local versions of FluxReader. Occasionally developers may check in updates, changes, etc. To pick up these changes, users should go into run the following commands:

% cd /path/to/FluxReaderRelease/FluxReader/
% svn update

To request committing new features, maintenance, and bug fixes, please contact one of the developers. Features may include, but are not limited to, the addition of a Detector, Var, or Weight, or a generally useful feature. If you have already made the changes in your local area, please include a path to your local area/files. This can help the requested feature be committed faster, but committed code based on a user's local area may not be exactly the same. Remember that FluxReader is independent of any single experiment, so features/code should be as general and flexible as possible. (The obvious exception is Detector objects.) Commits made by developers based on user requests should credit the requesting experiment/user.