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Web Client:

Use Windows login credentials (kerberos username and password) for authentication. For example, username: FERMI\juneau

Managing Users on FERMI-FMPDB server

FileMaker Pro 13 is hosted on the FERMI FileMaker servers. Access to databases are granted via Windows groups, which are managed directly on the server. To add someone to the Filemaker-FESS group for Genral FESS FileMaker database access, do the following:

(See attached screenshots at bottom of this wiki page)

1. Log into the FERMI-FMPDB server and open "Computer Management".

2. Expand "Local Users and Groups", then find the "Filemaker FESS" group.

3. Double-click the group to open properties, then click add and type the user's login ID.

4. Lastly, click OK to add them.

  • This will provide the user access to any FileMaker Pro database that contains an externally managed user mapped to the "Filemaker FESS" role.

FileMaker Pro 13 - File Conversion

1) Open FileMaker Pro database using a local copy of the database

2) Add FESS-IT administrative account, as well as FileMaker FESS External account (privileges to be determined)

3) Copy the updated file to the production server

Administrative Access

To log into the administrative console, use the URL:

Create a server login group for administrative access to BSS databases, then apply that group to the individual databases, granting full access to the the group.

Requisition Database - New FY Tasks