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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
07/24/2019 Josh Juneau Administration Support #22986: Provide access to Jennette for PO Tracking Verified that Jeannette has data-entry access via her Windows credentials. Requested Diana to advise if she needs full access. 0.15
04/23/2019 Josh Juneau Implementation Bug #22409: Migrate Site-Plant database Logged into FileMaker administrative console and started database on server; Configured for webdirect use by all users 0.50
04/22/2019 Josh Juneau Implementation Bug #22409: Migrate Site-Plant database Copied database to FESS_Data/FileMaker area; Assigned permissions for external "FileMaker FESS-Eng" group; Logged into Fermi-fmp server and added FESS Engineer personnel to "FileMaker FESS-Eng" group; 0.75
04/17/2019 Josh Juneau Implementation Support #22366: Provide Rich Eckert access to the Package Tracking database. Added Rich Eckert to the Filemaker FESS group 0.25
04/08/2019 Josh Juneau Analysis Support #22318: Add Kassandra Galvan to the Telecom Databases Parsed through database to try and determine which ones Kassandra will need access to. Not seeing anything that sticks out as telecom. Asked Ray for a list of database names. 0.25
02/04/2019 Josh Juneau Implementation Support #21825: Add Isaiah Baldwin to LPC group, as FileMaker is not allowing login. Added to "FileMaker FESS" and "FESS LPC" groups. 0.15
09/21/2018 Josh Juneau Analysis Support #20906: Housing Office Unable to Access DailyR4 Seems as though Jackie has been accessing a version of the DailyR4 FileMaker Pro database that is not on the FERMI-FMPDB server. Still under investigation. 0.75
03/16/2018 Josh Juneau Implementation Support #19414: Change Crane Databases to READ-Only Changed all Crane databases to requested. Logged into each database and modified security groups to make all READ ONLY with exception of FESS-IT 0.75
01/04/2018 Josh Juneau Analysis Support #18656: Find Engineering RECORDS OFFSITE database and convert to Excel Found that Eng-Records_Off_Site database is hosted on fermi-fmpdb. Provided information to Maria and Russ to access. 0.50
11/20/2017 Josh Juneau Implementation Bug #18150: FileMaker Pro database "PO Tracking" not capturing user correctly Modified the "Created by" and "Modified by" database fields to auto-populate with "Account Name" rather than "User" 0.50
09/30/2016 Josh Juneau Testing Feature #13784: Add asset ID to Equipment database per Meredith S. Added EQUIPMENT field to the database Ops-MS-Equip_Log 0.50

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