Project py surround

So we have at least 3 similar suites:

name package format job-wrap language larbatch xml bash NovaGridUtils ini bash
fife_launch fife_utils ini fife_wrap python supports a whole set of non-SAM, directory-based bookkeping
workflows, and support for combining configs for multiple stages of
a workflow into one config file.

Easiest low-hanging fruit is unifying the job-wrap scripts in the

Might be worthwhile expanding fife_launch to subsume the other two.

Repository URLs:
(fife_wrap is under "libexec")

  • submit jobs for stage
  • makeup (recovery) launch for stage
  • post-submit
    • fetchlog
    • status of stages
    • clean[_one]
    • check results for stage (separate checkana?)
    • audit
  • sam
    • declare (ana)
    • add_locations (ana)
    • clean_locations (ana)
    • define/unefine (ana)