Introduction to FIFE and Component Services

There are many challenges in offline computing at Fermilab, and many ways to accomplish a particular task. Some methods make analysis easier later. Others make offline computing difficult. Thinking through the options, and making informed choices will save time, effort, and frustration.

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Welcome New Computing Users

Getting started with an experiment means absorbing a lot of information. This welcome guide can help new computer users with links, how-to guides, and examples.

Best Practices

Advanced Computing

More details, more links, more examples.
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Integrating Experiments into FIFE

For each experiment that is actively working to integrate services from FIFE, a wiki page exists to list the primary FIFE integration lead, the experiment lead, and the services that are being integrated. The page should quickly give an overview of the current status, on-going challenges, results of testing and successful milestones and target dates for integration.

FIFE Internals

Topics of interest mainly to the people doing the development of FIFE products.