Startup and shutdown sequence

IF/GPCF/Neut System Startup Guide - {{last_modified}}

This lists the highest priority, lowest power systems first. Systems in () are dev/int and order is less important.

Reverse this order for a shutdown.

  • gpcf015
    • NIS Master server needs to be up first
  • novadbprod,(novadbdev), minervadbprod, fnalmysqlprd, (fnalmysqldev)
    • central database server - postgress and/or mysql
  • ifora2
    • central database server - Oracle ( used by SAM )
  • minos-sam04
    • production FIFE SAM nameservers, dbservers, stations
    • Holds most project software and data, and many login areas
  • AFS servers
    • holds most user login areas
    • primary data archive
  • gpsn01, minos25, minos54
    • Condor and glideinWMS managers
  • gpwn01-07
    • gp condor pool worker nodes
  • gpcf VM hosts and clients, if01-05
    • GPCF interactive cluster
  • ifora1
    • Dev/Int oracle server