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Katherine Lato, 06/02/2014 01:48 PM

Shared Accounts

Advice for Shared Accounts

Shared accounts are generally used to avoid depending on any single person for operational tasks.

Advantages :
  • A team of people can manage operations
  • File ownerships are not tied to an individual
Special needs beyond those of normal accounts :
  • Tracking access and activity, via appropariate logs
  • Generating appropriate authentication in cases where personal identities are required ( Fermigrid jobs ).

For an overview of authentication issues, see

We present here an outline of existing shared account usage
in progress, early draft 2013-10-11
and instructions for setting up a shared account for Fermigrid job submission.

CS support ( CS/SCD/SCS aka REX aka FIFE )

ifmon various bluwatch - test single client read rates from Bluearc
ifmon gpsn01 bluplot - plot up the performance figures
blualarm - send messages when performance is too slow
rsyslogd - monitor file system usage
kinitalarm - watch for runaway kinit processes

Various project accounts and hosts are used to manage the ifdh cp lock system.


mindata minos27 acc_log - informal record of beam power
bdcfcron, beamdbu - import archived beam data in to Minos conditions database
predator - declare raw data files to SAM
mcimport - receive, validate and archive MC files generated offsite
mindata minos25 logs condor queue snapshots for monitoring
minosdb minos-db1 logs database connection snapshots for monitoring
minsoft minos27 build nightly and tagged code releases
minospro minos25 manage production reconstruction jobs
runs production role jobs on Fermigrid
minosana grid runs default analysis role jobs on Fermigrid


All account below are in the minervaofficial group as well as e938

minervaraw online, nearline, offline owns raw data
minervadat if05, offline, grid owns processed data, runs keepup cron jobs
minervapro offline, grid production grid processing
minervasam if04 FTS
minervaana grid user analysis jobs on grid

Setting up a shared account for Fermigrid jobsub