FIFE/OSG Integration Contacts

FIFE Integration Lead - Michael Kirby
Experiment Integration Lead - Herb Greenlee
Experiment CS Liaison - Stephen Wolbers
listserv -


The integration of µBooNE into utilizing OSG resources is scheduled to begin the second week of November and focuses exclusively on processing Monte Carlo samples on the OSG. This is considered Phase 1 of OSG integration of µBooNE.


This is a draft of the requirements for the application that µBooNE wants to run on the OSG. It needs to be reviewed by µBooNE.
Microboone Offline Computing (H. Greenlee) - see

Application Requirements

Platform Requirements

WBS µBooNE on-boarding

Timeline and tasks for µBooNE on-boarding on the OSG is described in this document.

µBooNE Gratia plots

Weekly plots - see
Montly plots - see