List of Nodes and Associated Services


Node Use/Services Additional Notes
fifeutilgpvm01 Generating proxy certs to be put on experiment interactive nodes Python Script generates proxy certs, pushes them to experiment node
jobsub01, jobsub02 - User Submit Nodes
- Condor Schedds
schedd runs here when jobsub_submit is run
gpfrontend01, gpfrontend02 - VO frontend
- User CM (Central Management)
- Condor Collector
- Condor Negotiator
- Glide-in frontend
- Central manager for Condor (at FNAL)
- Collector holds all remote slots - remote slots report
into collector here
- Negotiator (head1 primary, head2 backup)
fifebatchhead3, fifebatchhead4 User Pool Secondary Collectors Going away sometime.
cmsgwms-factory Local Glide-in Factory

For preprod and dev nodes for these services, see Current fifebatch machine lists