Group accounts on GPCF

  • Inventory of Group accounts and plan for central BlueArc Home areas: spreadsheet
  • Procedure for transitioning to new home areas
    1. Check that all mounts for /<exp>/app (and /<exp>/data) and /nusoft/app (and /nusoft/data) are on appropriate machines.
    2. Set up the new areas for /<exp>/app/home/<exp-group> and /nusoft/app/home/<common-group> areas. The /*/app/home areas have owner:group <exp>:<exp>. The /nusoft/app/home area belongs to nusoft:nusoft. The group directories underneath have owner:group exp-group:exp and common-group:common-group respectively.
    3. Move each group account to the new areas with the cooperation of the list of users in the respective .k5login. A transition plan must be established with these people as to 1. what is moved to the new areas, 2. when the transition will occur and 3. the duration of a "no change" period. FEF needs to be included in the schedule for transitioning each group.
    4. Once all is transitioned, at the agreed upon time, FEF will move the home area reference(s) in the associated NIS database. The list of accounts, old and new home areas is below.
  • Notes: The old /home areas will still remain, so recovery of missing info will be possible after the transition. Some /home areas are on multiple machines/VM's and these need to be compared for each account to be sure the appropriate principals, and scripts are moved.
[t-962 (argoneut)]
>>>argoneutana:  /home/argoneutana --> /argoneut/app/home/argoneutana
>>>argoneutcal:  /home/argoneutcal --> /argoneut/app/home/argoneutcal
>>>argoneut:     /home/argoneut    --> /argoneut/app/home/argoneut
>>>argoneutpro:  /home/argoneutpro --> /argoneut/app/home/argoneutpro

>>>lbneana:     /home/lbneana      --> /lbne/app/home/lbneana
>>>lbnecal:     /home/lbnecal      --> /lbne/app/home/lbnecal
>>>lbnedata:    /home/lbnedata     --> /lbne/app/home/lbnedata
>>>lbne:        /home/lbne         --> /lbne/app/home/lbne
>>>lbnepro:     /home/lbnepro      --> /lbne/app/home/lbnepro

[e938 (minerva)]
>>>minervaana:  /home/minervaana   --> /minerva/app/home/minervaana
>>>minervacal:  /home/minervacal   --> /minerva/app/home/minervacal
>>>minervadat:  /home/minervadat   --> /minerva/app/home/minervadat
>>>minervapro:  /home/minervapro   --> /minerva/app/home/minervapro
>>>mnvnumi:     /home/mnvnumi      --> /minerva/app/home/mnvnumi
>>>mnvonline:   /home/mnvonline    --> /minerva/app/home/mnvonline
>>>tbonline:    /home/tbonline     --> /minerva/app/home/tbonline

>>>mu2eana:     /home/mu2eana      --> /mu2e/app/home/mu2eana
>>>mu2ecal:     /home/mu2ecal      --> /mu2e/app/home/mu2ecal
>>>mu2e:        /home/mu2e         --> /mu2e/app/home/mu2e
>>>mu2emars:    /home/mu2emars     --> /mu2e/app/home/mu2emars
>>>mu2epro:     /home/mu2epro      --> /mu2e/app/home/mu2epro

>>>nova:        /home/nova         --> /nova/app/home/nova
>>>novaana:     /home/novaana      --> /nova/app/home/novaana
>>>novacal:     /home/novacal      --> /nova/app/home/novacal
>>>novadata:    /home/novadata     --> /nova/app/home/novadata
>>>novapro:     /home/novapro      --> /nova/app/home/novapro
>>>novaraw:     /home/novaraw      --> /nova/app/home/novaraw
>>>novasoft:    /home/novasoft     --> /nova/app/home/novasoft

[all GPCF yp DBs]
>>>ifmon:        /home/ifmon       --> /nusoft/app/home/ifmon
>>>nusoft:       /home/nusoft      --> /nusoft/app/home/nusoft

[do not change]